Bio What…?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary scientific field comprised of biological and computer sciences among other fields. Subjects include biology, genetics, programming, statistics, and information technology. The goal in bioinformatics is the development and implementation of software tools capable of retrieving, analyzing, and storing biological data.
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Its Significance

Bioinformatics is a vital tool in accomplishing novel research, and a discipline that will be at the foremost edge of progress and discovery in the twenty-first century. The intersection of informative technology, cutting-edge life science research, and biotechnology, makes bioinformatics a growing field for:

  Personalized Medicine

Logo-Bioinformatics DNAUtilities to manage enormous amounts of data will become even more essential in this decade as we discover ever more complex ideas, and it’s critical to know how to obtain and apply this information. Ultimately, unique and innovative bioinformatic tools will make revolutionary differences in research. I not only want to implement these tools, but I also hope to develop my own innovative software.

I want to understand and one day implement innovations from gene functions that can help us treat diseases, as well as developing industrial applications. I envision these undertakings accomplishable within the next 15-20 years, with the intentions of exploiting these functions in benefit of human progress.

My ambition is to be part of, and a future leader in, this upcoming era of unprecedented ingenuity, innovation, and discovery.


CHOMP – CRISPR Search Tool

Search guide-RNA sequences given a genome or gene sequence forks.4 stars.7 open issues.Recent commits: fixed title, Andres Breton rearrange badges, Andres Breton fixed spacing to...


Bioinformatics Software

Bioinformatics software list forks.0 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: more workflow tools, Andres Breton HTSeq, Andres Breton added RNAseq software, Andres Breton STAR aligner, Andres Breton...



Download NCBI files and store relevant data in local MongoDB database forks.0 stars.2 open issues.Recent commits: badge update, GitHub clop id, not ids, Andres Breton...



The ever-present need of having to get your sequences’ complementary, reverse, and reverse complementary sequences sparked this project. Yes, you can find online tools, input your sequence, and...

Logo-Bioinformatics DNA


Alpha version of Muta project is ready to go! This C based program uses a native installation of NCBI’s BLAST to automated and yield results of...