I love programming, Linux, and automation.

I’m a tinkerer who has a varied set of skills, with an aptitude to learn effectively from a wide range of areas.

This combination makes me love development…building beautiful, useful software; automating tasks to increase productivity and efficiency; and configuring/administering systems.

I’m a highly motivated and passionate developer predominantly working in Linux and developing software tools in multiple languages. All about open source software and fascinated by working with multitudes of technologies and languages. I am consistently driven to find efficient ways of automating processes and developing increasingly productive solutions to complex problems, translating needs into actionable results.

My natural curiosity indulges in continuously reading and learning about new software technologies with the endeavor of implementing them in new developments. I am a thorough learner, always eager to learn new, exciting tools, tips, and tricks who likes digging deep into understanding why things work the way they do.

I have unconventional approaches to solving problems. My methodical means of completing tasks, with a strong organizational structure, help me discern information in an effective and efficient manner.

Being self-motivated and proactive allows me to have a very structured workflow that allows me to accommodate unexpected situations by staying ahead, utilizing multiple resources, and always having redundancy.

I’m also a bilingual speaker and writer of both English and Spanish.

Next Steps

I would like to contribute and be part of a team that that utilizes a wide array of technologies, understands my skills and knows how to best utilize my abilities, encouraging me to succeed in the environment; learn, excel, and grow.

I want to get more in-depth in the development field and learn more about DevOps. My skills and career ambitions are well positioned to excel as a developer in a wide range of positions.

Will you be my next experience? Contact me!